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"well, I'd like to say she was all good, but some sad things have happened. A rash of motorcycle thefts in our area claimed the sv as one of their victims. According to the news, mine was one of 4 stolen that day. Didn't have theft insurance either... talk about a bad day! I liked it so much i sold my truck and bought an 07svs from a guy just north of here. This one stays in my in-law's garage over night until we move into a house next month...
needless to say, i've learned many lessons about insurance and whatnot."

wow, that sucks.

now im bummed out since it was once mine, and because the guy was so **** excited when he bought it from me. it was his first bike, he had ridden other bikes and taken the MSF. he was so happy when he drove it off. and now its probably wadded up on the side of the road or has been turned into a stuntbike or chopped for parts. :(

this is why i drink.

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see, that's why you should not have sold it.... ;D

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