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Smelling rich..

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Hi all. Getting the sv ready for spring / summer rides. Having started my sv 650s 2003 and letting her tic over she smells rich. Then taken her out for a good blast and on return she does not smell rich.. Oil/airfilter/oil filter change done. Bike has 9908 miles and less than 100 miles since service. She has a A2 limiter on the injectors but apart from that she is totaly standard. PS. this is my first sv. Also just fitting a SV 650 belly pan.


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If it's only the odd whiff I wouldn't worry about it. My old 99 used to do that until I replaced all the fuel lines so there might have been a slightly porous line. You could lift the tank and let is idle for a short time and see if you can spot something but I think you will be fine if you just keep a nose out for it :)
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