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I've had a Two Brothers Racing slip-on, on my 2005 SV650S since new. I've always thought it sounded good, maybe a bit quiet, and was too long. It actually looked disproportionate to the bike. Anyway, since a small "off" it was scuffed up, so last weekend I decided to cut it to about 10 inches long.
I drilled out the end cap rivets then used a rubber mallet to remove the end cap, cut the pipe, and it looks exactly the way I want it, but it's a bit too loud. I repacked it, but I would like to do a better job of re-packing or have it done professionally 'cos it's still too loud. Has anyone done this? Any one got any ideas.

When you cut it down it length the sound goes up. Not much you can do about that. Just try repacking it tighter.
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