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I am new to this forum, and was after some advice on putting an sk4 engine into a 99 naked.

My oil ran dry and the big end bearing sh1t itself. I have priced up an engine rebuild, and I think it is going to work out cheaper to put a low mileage engine in. I have my eye on an sk4 with 29,000 miles.

I was wondering what would be involved in putting this newer engine in (on carbs, I will get rid of the injection bits) I believe that I will need to change:
inlet stubs

And mount the oil cooler.

I am new to sv's and was wondering if someone with more knowledge than me could let me know if there is anything big I have missed out?

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I just finished this swap ('07 engine). You need to swap
gear position switch,
front sprocket cover,
PAIR Valve system (found that out the hard way),
Starter gear/ stator
Thermostat housing/switch,
Carb intake boots
Oil cooler (I did not run one, just had to remove the plug under oil filter)

Since you have a gen 1 engine, think about doing cam swap (gen1 intake in gen2 exhaust)

The swap was not particularly difficult, just a few things I didn't realize I'd need to do going in (like PAIR and gear position switch).
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