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Signs of Hope

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It's still early '09, but:

NY Gov. David Paterson appointed U.S. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) to Hillary's vacant Senate seat.

The RNC elected Michael Steele as chairman.

Oh, and House Republicans unanimously voted NO on Obama's porkulus bill (which passed regardless :rolleyes:).

Hopefully, by the 2010 elections, Republicans will have learned from past mistakes and be ready to start kicking @ss again.

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Is Micheal Steele related to Lexington Steele?

I can't beleive that stimulus package actually passed, it won't really create any more government jobs than we allready have, and those projects if they even come about will take years and years to get started simply because of all of the red tape on top of the time it'll take to engineer them.

Oh and in that package the amnesty act was slipped in so those ficticious new jobs would just go to illegals anyway and the money would be sent out of the country as usual.

And nobody mentioned the part that will make everyones medical records publicly obtainable online either, good luck trying to get any sort of job that requires you to pass a physical if you have history...whether you can pass the physical or not.
Lex says, oh yeah I've got your "stimulus package" right here! ;D

I've been reading there's some creeping universal health care provisions buried deep within the so-called stimulus bill.

But, at least Gillibrand is far better than Caroline Kennedy. She supports gun rights and voted for the Bush tax cuts. And Steele is a moderate conservative who can help focus repubs on their core values.

I just hope Obama/Reid/Pelosi can't do too much damage in the next two years.

Gnome sane? ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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