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Signed up and Getting ready!

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Hello from the frozen tundra that is Upstate NY in Feb!

I've been lurking around soaking up all the great info on here since last year while I felt out my 07nekkid Blue!

This seems like the greatest bike community I've ever seen and glad to help support it.

I really look foward to this season and to hopefully meeting and riding with some of you. Thanks!
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Welcome to SVR! I'm in the snow-blanketed Midwest right now. I understand the cold! You will get a lot of info from here. I definitely have. Again welcome!
Welcome. Lot's of good info on here. Lot's of helpful people.

Hope you thaw out before too long. I've been 1 week off the bike due to snow and I'm jonesing!

Snow in Colorado - who would've thunk it. Especially since we had a run of 50's-60's going.
Welcome to the obsession.
Hi Ober, Welcome to SVR.

Have fun and ride safe!
welcome to SVR ... upstate NY is abused roads, potholes etc...
welcome to SVR ... upstate NY is abused roads, potholes etc...
Sigh... I know. Anything's better than a cage in the summertime tho :)

I love this site, but my wife's going to hate it, I already have the mod bug but it's not easy with baby #3 on the way. Just found out last week.:eek:

Hopefully she gets her girl this time, cause 3 strikes and I'm out! Next stop snip snip!
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