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So a few weeks ago after getting caught in the rain, I seen my rear signals stopped working. It was late, figured it was a fuse. No big deal, when i get to it, I'll get to it.

Friday, I put in the power commander, full system, sliders, oil change and gave the bike a nice cleaning. Figured it was a good time as any to check the signals.

Couldn't be a fuse since the front and back were on the same fuse and the fronts worked fine. I checked and seen there was power going through the wiring that went to the rear signals. Next? Lets pop out those signal covers and see if the bulbs blew. Yes, they blew alright. The glass was scattered all on the inside of the signal casing. Checked the other side and the same. A buddy giving me a hand told me water probably got on and when the bulbs got hot..... pop. Had another set of signals hanging on the wall, installed those.

Moral of the story? If you buy cheap signals from ebay, don't ride in torrential rain.

For those those that want pictures, maybe next week.
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