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Guys, I want to single-fy my SV. I.e. ditch the rear seat for a cowl and remove the pasenger pegs comptletly. I currently have a Holeshot high mount but want to run soft bags in the future so I need to build a compatible exhaust.

I like the look of the shorty pipes, 8" or so as a ballpark. I most likely would sell my holeshot rather than hack it up. I have a kerker can from a bike that has long since been out of my stable, so I could easily see using this as a starting point. Cut it down to length, have a connecting pipe made and some type of mounting braket to where the passenger pegs mounted.

Mainly just thinking out loud here, but mostly wondering if anyone has done anything simlair or has any pics I could use for some ideas. It mostly seems I just need to find a good fabricator or exhaust shop that could make a nice mid pipe and mount all at one time for me.
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