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Hey all, this started with a conversation with a buddy and the decision to start modifying my 06S to do more distance rides. I am in the works of fitting a set of renthal fatbars and will make a thread when my parts get in but this was the first step of several to reach my baseline goals.

After much research I, at least to start, want to run soft saddlebags. Well, with my Holeshot high mount this is not possible.

As the bike sat last week. To start the percolation, I took off the Holeshot and it is now for sale. It is in the classifieds or simply PM me for details.

So the searching began, I like the look of chopped cans but recently took my passenger pegs off so I didn't want to run a standard mounted can. After digging through some boxes at my parents I found this gem:

This kerker can was from my first street bike, 92 yamaha seca II. Sweet ride, not. It had been dropped off the bike, yes dropped. And I mean dropped off the bike while it was riding, while it was installed. Thank you to the PO for rigging it in place without a lock washer and with a sheet metal screw that fell out.

First line of business was to remove the Kerker badge so I could cut it down to about eight inches.

After cutting and beginning the cleanup of the scratches on the can with steel wool. You can see some of the deeper ones at the front near the jaw of the vise, luckily it is on what will the bottom of the can.

More cleanup with #2 steel wool. Good view of the mounting bracket that will be on the backside of the can facing the bike, parallel to the swingarm (give or take).

When I took off the badge, as shown earlier, it left two rivet holes. Well the back on was contained in the 4" I cut off but the other one was smack dab in the face of the can. I thought about finding a shop to weld it up and finally said the heck with it. Taped the backside of the hole and globbed on some JB weld to fill the hole and sand down flush.

The end cap looked pretty nasty from carbon and road damage. Beginning cleanup here.

One big dilemma I had was figuring out what to do about a mid-pipe. I thought about cutting up my Holeshot pipe, I thought about having one made, blah, blah, blah..
Then I found my stock can and cut the remainder of the pipe off it and utilized it.

To my amazement, the hack job I did on the stock pipe wasnt all that bad. Pairing them together took a little work with a nice flat file but nothing major. Quite pleased with the way the edges match up.

Here comes the mock up's:

So I mounted the mid-pipe with the Holeshot clamp and duct taped the can to it to see what angle I wanted and honestly to see if this was hideous and a total waste of time or if the ideas in my head weren't completely crazy.. This was the low angle.

This was the high angle that I ultimately liked better. I feel like it flows more with the tail section of the bike and the subframe.

My paint booth. Ha! I honestly wish I wouldn't have painted it now until the entire mounting was done but in my usual fashion I got way ahead of myself and hurried. Oh well nothing steel wool, sand paper, and a fresh coat of krylon cant fix.

Into the over to bake the paint on. Funny story here: I used the oven in my apt for about 5 minutes until I opened it to check on it and my place was filled with nasty paint burned fumes and smelled terrible for the next day or so. SOOO the next time I did it on the grill which is NOT inside my living space. Good thought, genius.

With the end cap installed to see what the polished tip on the black can looked like. Copycat of my Holeshot, so this is quite typical of how creative I am..

And to back up a step, this is the end cap after cleanup and polishing. I would say it turned out quite well.

My Polishing station.

This is my "workbench" with the mid-pipe right before mounting it to the can, which was a bear!! The sizes of the mid-pipe and can were entirely too close together and it was a cluster bomb city to get to mate up but it is together now and I do not want to relive that disaster.

Done. Nuff said!!

Here was my first preview of what it would look like. Don't ask why I had a nitrile glove on, I have no idea.. The heat from the last two months has thoroughly melted my brain.

Copper RTV!! Who hates leaks, this guy!!

It is together!!! And yes, before you ask, I did start it up like this without the silencer and packing installed. It was RIDIC loud!!! Neighbors loved it im sure.. Made me smile and laugh like a little girl.

Now with the cap in and buttoned up.

Pulled out in the drive to get some natural light on it. I am happy with how it is coming together. The clamps I got are HUGE but seal amazingly, I will flip and rotate them so that HUGE part will be hidden. I am going to repaint the can and try satin black this time, and build a bracket to mount from the passenger peg mounting tab to the back of the can. It is extremely solid as is, those clamps are amazing, but it needs a proper hanger or it will end up with the same fate as previously on the Seca..

Updates to follow boys!!
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