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I know enough people own RF 1000's out there but I thought I'd throw out my 2 cents since I have owned since the last season:

the Shoei, KBC VR1x, KBC Force R, HJC CL15, HJC Cl-SP.

I have a problem, I know. But I feel that this experience kind of makes me a mini webbikeworld all to myself.

In comparing value brands to Shoei I have to say, it is a better helmet. I only bought it because I scored one for 125 bucks new. It is much quieter than KBC or HJC. It flows more air than HJC but not nearly as much as KBC's Force RR.

Shoei's fit is also larger than HJC's something to think about the XXL I picked up fit closer to HJC's XXXL than XXL. and is larger than KBC's XXL by a wide margin. I fixed it by adding some padding to the interior. thanks to a 3 dollars and joann's fabric's (we'll se how well that holds up).

Value wise, is the RF 1000 5 times the helmet? I'd say resoundingly no. But hey if you have the money to blow why not? As noted with many reviews, the RF1000 fog likes a mother. The supplied breath guard takes care of it but it can be annoying. It also comes with a chin guard which is nice. I was very surprised to find the liner is not removable. which it is for almost all of HJC's models.

Shoei does make a better helmet but does not deliver enough value at the increased price to justify it's 500 price tag. I know some people will pay an arm and a leg for something made in Japan.
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