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Shifter adjustment

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Is it possible to adjust the shift lever up a little bit on the SV's?

Would make it easier to get my toe under the shifter with my Icon SuperDuty 2 boots. I can get it under there as it sits, but if it can be adjusted, that would be awesome.
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Sure! 10mm wrench should be all you need.
yup 10 mm wrench. follow the shift rod to the arm. its connecting to the engine piece. pull out the bolt completely. slide out the arm and readjust, its a splined shaft so you have multiple options. for more fine tuning you can also adjust the length of the shift rod
Recommend adjusting the shift lever and rear brake lever to fit your riding position and shoes. I had to drop both down when I got new boots.

Adjust the rod for the shift lever. Adjust the rod from the rear brake to the master cylinder for the rear brake.

Both are easy and make a world of difference!

Also adjust your front controls. You don't want to have to contort to reach either lever. I rotated both of these down for a more natural reach.
Awesome! Thanks for the info guys!

Definitely gonna tweak it to have a better 'fit' of my foot to the shifter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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