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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say thank you, to the creators, mods, and users, for such a fantastic website. I was able to DL the SFV650 service manual from here after several tedious hours of google'ing.

About Me:
I'm 22 y/o. I've been riding a little over 5 years. I'm currently riding an 09 Suzuki Gladius with a little over 13k miles. The bike hasn't see much ride time the past few years because of college in NY (typical 2-3 month ride season). But when I ride it, I typically take it out for 150miles+ at a time. If anyone is from south PA / DE you've probably seen me. I'm the guy in the yellow jacket blasting around: creek road, 82 N/S, 282, 841N, 162W, and 926 E/W.

I'm an avid supporter of gear, safety, and the MSF. But I still like to blast around the twisties with hot tires and good weather.

Feel free to msg me if you want:
  • a group ride
  • tour of some of the better roads in the area
  • safety tips / things to watch out for locally
  • technique or gear tips
  • advice on mods I've done
  • or if you wanna do some maintenance together

I have a fair amount of tools & i'd enjoy turning the wrench with a friend. I'm also coming up on my 14k mile service & I'd love to adjust/inspect the valve clearance. But odds are I will take it to a dealership.

See you out there. :vroom: Ride safe.
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