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SF Bay Area wrench day

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I'm trying to find out if there is any interest among the Bay Area SVers in getting together to do some work on our bikes. I'd like to get some hands-on experience doing maintenance and modifications on bikes and I'm guessing there are some people out there who need some work done, need an extra pair of hands, need an oil change, or just want to get together and hang out around motorcycles.

I've got a pretty good amount of space to work in and a rear stand. I don't have a whole lot of tools, but I plan on getting more.

I live in Redwood City in the Emerald Hills area. If anybody's interested in doing something like this, let me know. Once we know how many people are interested we can figure things out from there.
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i live in Vallejo and just bought a k3 sv1000 in januaray. this is my first bike and it needs some TLC... count me in
I live in SF and had my SV since 2000. I'm not to mechanically inclined and think this would be great to get a bay area wrench day. The hardest thing i have done was shim the needles on the carbs. I'm currently installing a high mount slip on. Set it up and I'm down as long as i don't have to go towork.
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