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Semi urgent fastener question

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1. I need to know what kind of screw (size & pitch) is used to hold the 2003 SV1000N passenger pegs on.

2. I need to know what size (& the standard pitch) of a nut that fits an M11 socket.

I am not having any luck tracking these down with the search function or goooooooogling it.

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.
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if you mean the bolts that hold the mount to the lower legs of the subframe...that is an M8 X 1.25 pitch. Not sure on length....guessing from seeing them bolts recently....maybe 20 mm..when in doubt..go longer...can always cut down.

and 11 mm socket would be an odd size.

usually, its OD of bolt X 1.66..or so.

6 mm bolt, 10 mm head/socket

8 mm bolt, 12 mm head/socket
one last ? for you doug (or anyone if doug is gone), do you know what the OD is on the radiator hose on the left side of the bike (i believe it goes into the thermostat housing)
Just checked with caliper...~ 1.3 "
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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