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I just thought I'd pass on information that my good friend and SV racer, Scott Rosey, was seriously injured at VIR this past weekend. Some of you may recognize his screen name "Rugbymook" from his posts here. The text below was copied from an email sent out by one of my teamates from Empty Pockets Racing. More information can also be found on the WERA board (



Hi Folks...

I hope this e-mail finds everyone well. As I would normally be providing an update at this time with our plans for the new season (as I still plan to do in the near future), I wanted to update everyone with some news regarding one of our Empty Pockets Racing (EPR) riders. As some may/may not already know, Scott Rosey was seriously injured in a race he was running at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) this past weekend.

Scott was airlifted from the track and taken to Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC. It's been a tough few days since the crash and his injuries are extensive which include a shattered ankle, broken wrist, broken neck (2-3 fractured vertebrae), broken jaw, and serious head trauma. Although I'm sure Scott will wear the scars from this one proudly, I will not go into further detail regarding his injuries for the sake of privacy. I will say the preliminary reports are good for a full recovery and we pray this is the case. A "thumbs-up" witnessed from Scott yesterday was good indication we're well on the way to having our friend back.

As you can imagine, Scott has a very long road of recovery in front of him. The physical challenges he faces are just the beginning. The financial challenges, although yet to be determined, will no doubt be staggering.

A few team members and myself will be traveling to NC to see Scott this weekend and offer what support we can to his family during this difficult time. His parents reside in the Pittsburgh area and are currently traveling back/forth to be with Scott. Some donations have already been received to help with their travel, lodging, etc. However, any additional donations to help Scott or his family would be very much appreciated.

If interested in making a donation to help Scott or his family, you can do so by making a donation using Paypal and post your donation to Carol's (Scott's Mom) account ([email protected]) or by simply clicking the "Donate" button at the bottom of the website (which provides a direct link to Paypal for making a donation into Carol's account).

If interested in sending cards, balloons, or stuffed animals (?), his hospital address is below. He cannot receive plants or flowers. At this time, we believe he will be at this hospital for the next 2-3 weeks.

Duke University Medical Center
2301 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27710
Room #2214 / Scott Rosey

Over the next few weeks, I will ask that another EPR rider, Aaron Barry, keep Scott's progress updated on the EPR website.

Over the years, I appreciate everyone's support of the EPR team and myself. I selfishly included all who have received a race report in the past on the distribution of this e-mail. If a donation or a card for our team member is not an option, we completely understand. Your thoughts and prayers for Scott's full recovery are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you.

Keith Reed
Empty Pockets Racing
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