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I received the following message on these forums, related to an ISO post:
Kindly contact Bryan in NY,he has first gen left fairing for 2002 sv650s for sale in good condition here’s email Bryangarry088 gmail
It's not clear if the svrider member was also the scammer or an associate. When I talked to the person (claiming to be named Bryan Garry) by email, he agreed to sell me the fairing and provided multiple photos that didn't show up on reverse image searches. He claimed he couldn't take PayPal Goods and Services, so we agreed on CashApp with half payment up-front and the remaining half once shipped with tracking indicating it was in transit. The name on the CashApp account was Ayi Idowes.

Once I paid half, he started making excuses about needing the second half to be able to ship. He claimed that his car had broken down and he needed the money to get to the post office. Sensing a scam, I asked him to stick to the original terms and refused to give him any more money. He refused to ship and kept asking for more money. After I refused a few times, he stopped responding entirely. Last response was a week ago and I have disputed the charge with my debit card.

It is possible that he still has this silver first-gen fairing, the matching right fairing, and a blue 2nd gen one that he may try to sell to other members on this site, possibly under different names.

I realize I took some risks with this transaction. The amount was low enough and I had recourse through my debit card, so I chose to take a slight risk with half the price.

Red flags in this transaction, some of them in retrospect:
  • The forum member wanted me to contact a friend off of the svrider site
  • The person wrote in somewhat broken English
  • The timing of emails didn't seem quite right for someone on east coast time
  • He accidentally sent a photo of a different fairing in one of the transactions
  • He claimed to not be able to accept PayPal at all and insisted on CashApp and Zelle. He later asked for PayPal friends/family when he was trying to get more money out of me prior to shipping
  • His CashApp name didn't match his email name
  • He claimed he was on the way to the post office without having gotten my address
  • He made up excuses to try to get the entire amount prior to shipping
  • He stopped responding when I refused to give him more money
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