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I have been using the new G9 set for a few weeks now so I thought I would post up a quick review of the features I have used. Installation is easy as other scala rider products. One nice thing is that you have the option of the boom mic or a corded mic. My wife and I both removed the boom mic and like the corded one better. The voice through the mic comes in clear both during intercom and on the phone. The speakers are louder than the ones on my Q2 were. I cannot keep the radio at full volume. I have to turn them down 2 levels below max for comfortable listening. The volume drops as you come to a stop which is really nice as well so its not blasting while you are sitting in order to be loud enough at speed. The only drawback to the sound is there is not enough bass to round out the sound.

The buttons were a little annoying at first because there are so many and it took a few trips to get used to the function and position of each but now I have no problem with them. While I was learning the buttons, I became extremely familiar with the voice activated option. I always disabled it on my Q2 because the slightest sound would cause it to think I was giving a voice command. This is less sensitive and you can apparently adjust the sensitivity as well. I didnt need to. It is nice to make a sharp sound and tell it "Radio on" or "Call intercom" to listen to the radio or talk to my wife.

Getting the radio presets set can be a pain if you dont have strong signal but once they are set, it is really nice switching between favorite stations. I wish they would come out with a digital tuner on the side so I could see what station I was on. I prefer the radio to streaming music since I dont have to worry about my cell phone having 3G signal or the battery dying. I listen to the radio to and from work every day just like I would if I were in my car.

The intercom has the ability to pair with 1-8 other riders. I have only paired with my wife as we are the only ones we ride with that have the headsets. My friends are getting them soon though so I will get to test that out. I had problems trying to get my unit registered online due to a website problem but the scala support group is pretty good and we are getting it worked out. The only issue I have with the intercom is that sometimes it cuts out when you arent constantly talking (to save battery I expect) and when it reconnects when someone starts talking, it can cut off the first few words. Other than that, it works great. Once we get some friends with units, we should be able to set up everyone's unit with their name and just say their name to connect and talk to the rider or conference in multiple riders at once. I will have to see how that works when I can. I have taken phone calls as well and they are easy to accept and no one on the phone has complained about not hearing or understanding me.

The battery life is really good. I charge mine usually once every week or two and have not had mine die. I rode for 5-6 hours talking and listening to the radio the entire time and did not have it die. My wife's did die on that trip but her battery was partially drained before we left. I charged mine the night before and she did not. The distance on the units is nice. We havent had any problems with them cutting out. They come with an antennae that extends to increase your distance as well and worst case, you could always call each other if you got separated too far.

Overall, it is a great unit. They are expensive at around $500 for 2 units but that seems to be the price point for these things. I still think there are ways they could be improved but they are clearly getting better with each new iteration.
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