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(repost of a review I did for another board)

Hey all, I thought I would do a review of the Sartso riding jeans I got a couple weeks ago. I came across them while researching riding pants - I wanted something that was protective but could also wear when I wanted to walk around after riding to a destination. I narrowed it down between these and Competition Accessories' Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Jeans based on having built in knee protection, and most use of the kevlar lining.

Sarto's website said:
Sartso Kevlar® Jeans are a new age range of Kevlar® jeans designed with the fashion conscious rider in mind.
Sartso have constructed a new age Kevlar® jean using a woven Kevlar® that has been specifically designed to protect riders from abrasion injuries with its exceptional burst strength.

Sartso Kevlar® has undergone stringent testing to make sure that they with stand the different elements of a motorcycle accident.

The design team at Sartso have designed their jeans in conjunction with a broad range of riders, freestyle stunters, sports bike and cruisers.

Our Kevlar® jeans have incorporated armour pockets in the knee along with the Sartso Kevlar® (Safety Capsule) to offer their customers peace of mind when they are riding in our jeans.
The protection is layed out pretty well on their website:

First off, the annoying: I originally wanted a pair of Sartso's Midnight Blue jeans, but had come across Sartso's 3(!) Facebook pages, and each had comments about slow responses or questions about their order. I decided to email Sartso to make sure they would respond, and to inquire if they had my size in stock. I emailed them and got a reply 3 days later saying they had no Midnight Blue in my size available, but had the Illusion pants (same color, different rear pocket) available. I replied asking instead about the Snowflake version, and got a response 2 days later saying they had it in stock and on sale. None of these items were marked in their shop as being not available, so email ahead of time and be prepared for a slow turn around.

I paid $125 for the Jeans, and opted for the CE approved knee armor for $19. After about 10 days, they magically showed up at my door with no shipping notifications or emails...and then a week later I got the automated tracking number email.

Review: They are heavy! They have since loosened up, but the thickness and Kevlar weight is evident. They were also extremely tight in the crotch area and in the legs, which was awkward. All their jeans come 34" long and must be taken to a tailor to be hemmed (I cold washed and air dried per the tag before bringing them in.) Talking to the tailor, I asked if there was anything he could do to widen them, and we ended up taking off the first layer of stitching on the inner thigh and below the crotch. When I picked them up, they felt MUCH better.

There is a ton of stitching. I hope to never test crash these, but I am sure they will hold up abrasion wise. After the tailoring and break in, they have become as comfortable as any other jean and I now ride full time in them.

Of note: The knee armor is adjustable length by a 1" wide velcro strip in the knee pockets. However, it parallels the cut, and my knees/shins do not. Because of this, the armor was too small and fit weird, and was slightly uncomfortable. I have since taken out the armor and will probably keep it out.

Outside of the jeans. In the first picture, you can see the dark blue on the inner leg where the stitching was split and how it was made wider.

The inside and the Kevlar lining. It is thick, and while originally stiff/scratchy, has broken in nicely. The Kevlar also goes behind the mesh pockets for the knee armor. I have the pockets folded back so you can see the Kevlar, but they are normal sized.

The first one is of the stitching on the side of the thigh, where the most chance of sliding would be. The second picture is the front of the thigh, shown straight down in the first picture.

Overall, I would recommend these. They have become my full time riding jean, and while not offering any impact resistance, are a good balance in between comfort and protection. The company is a little shoddy with customer service, but it seems like you just need to let them do their thing. Let me know if you have any questions!
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