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My wife told me I cannot sell the SV and get my Triumph Street 3, so I've decided to put a little love into my SV to make me happy with it again. I'm doing more long rides on the weekend around the Oregon, Washington area and noticed some bad saddle sores/hot spots after about 2 hours in the saddle.

I had an '08 Triumph Bonneville Black before the SV, and one of the best upgrades I made on that bike was a Corbin solo seat: extremely comfortable.

Here is my question/concern. On c-list a few months back, a guy was selling a used corbin for an SV. I installed it on my bike, sat on it, and was turned off immediately. I didn't like that it lowered my seat height (I understand you can get them at stock height), but mostly what turned my off was the sharp edges that hit on my inner thighs. The stocker seat is tapered in (rounded off) near the front where it meets the gas tank to allow your legs to tuck in pretty tight. The corbin seemed to flare out in this area. Maybe the duders seat was not actually an SV, or maybe it was faulty.

Can anyone out there who has an SV Corbin comment on this? I'd still like to get one, but not if it's going to make my ride less comfortable.
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