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Saab: Born from Jets files for chapter 11...

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Wow and I really like Saabs too. I hope they can survive, maybe a merger with Volvo??

Saab in Bankruptcy Filing; G.M. Seeks More Aid

DETROIT — Saab, the Swedish automaker, filed for bankruptcy protection Friday and asked its government for financial support to remain in business as an independent company, separate from General Motors, its parent.

It was the latest example of auto companies asking governments in different countries — including the United States and Canada — to step in with aid, opening the door to those governments playing a direct role in deciding the future form of their automobile industries.

“This looks to me like it’s going to be a subsidized industry forever,” said Donald R. Grimes, an economist with the University of Michigan. “And then the question becomes, do you view it as a public benefit that the government should provide?”

Hours after Saab made its case to the Swedish government, General Motors submitted a request to the Canadian government approaching $6 billion, which is double the amount it previously said it would seek, according to Michael Bryant, the economic development minister for Ontario....

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hopefully they will survive ... Saab and Saturn both got the short end of the stick from GM for years.
Nothings out of the question, but Volvo is owned by Ford for now.
Bring back the 99!
lol. hate Saab. always have.
On no. Who will pay for the Tour de France coverage this year? :rolleyes:
Nothings out of the question, but Volvo is owned by Ford for now.
Bring back the 99!
Wow didn't know that. However I'm all for the late 80's 3dr 900 turbo. And as to Saturn, they finally are making cars that look good. Those first SL1 looked like complete crap too.
Saab is for sale but who's going to buy in this economy. and Hummer is going to get killed also by GM. boo hoo.
I'm happy about hummer going away, but Saab was a huge sponsor of the WTA and Tour De France plus they made smart greener type turbo'd cars for years.
I guess buying the WRX boxer motors, to put in their cars was just not enough. LOL
I own two 9-3's (02's...still made in Sweden). They're awesome cars except when they break...which thankfuly isn't too often. It only took a couple of years for GM to cheese them out.
I have a 97 900SE Talladega edition, its broken though. Needs a new motor.

I won't be too upset about Saab going under. I don't dig the new ones too much.

Except for the SportCombi, thats a badass little car.
I had an 88 900S for a few months way back when. I don't miss it, performance wise it was a dud.
It was huge inside though! And the ignition was busted, so I could start it with a screwdriver.
Hopefully Saab will seperate from GM and get their own identity of a bullet-proof car back. Right now, it's just another generic GM body with a turbo and the ignition on the floor.
Saab will not survive in todays auto market IMO...guess it's back to planes and weapons. ;)
I always wanted one of their old 2-stroke cars. :)

And the Saab Sonnet was a cool sports car back in the day.
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