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Rust on the Chain

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So I made a bit of a mistake this winter... I live in Washington and unfortunately my bike got exposed to a lot of moisture and rain (despite the trusty ol' cover). I am a college student and didn’t have a place to store it.

So now I am left with an improvement in the weather but some rust on my chain. Its on at least half of the links. I really don’t want to replace it because it only has 1000 miles on it. I am wondering if the rust is a problem that I can ignore and keep on using chain grease. Should I replace it? Looking for anybody’s thoughts here. Thanks!
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I use simple green but yeah give the chain a good thorough cleaning with a grundge brush or better yet steel wool (or a metal bristled brush)...

If it comes off, great...

If not, next thing you could try is removing it for a more thorough cleaning.

Lastly, how many miles on the sprockets (you say 1000 on the chain)? Sprocket and chain set is pricey but just a chain shouldnt be TO bad but yeah I know in college every dollar counts...

But definetly clean it before jumping on a new chain and spending your hard earned cash.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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