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running straight pipes

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So i low sided my bike about 2 months ago, most of the damage was my exhaust. I had a slip on scorpion extreme. I rode it daily but now i prob ride it only about two to three times a week. Is running it with straight pipes hurting the valve train? Will I cook my exhaust valves? No back pressure makes it shoot some knarley flames but thats only under rappid throttle closing durring the mid range. So what im asking is should i stop riding it and wait untill i get a new exhaust system. Thanks in advance
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its running super hot and lean because of that... I think it would be in your best interest to wait a bit... sorry man
thats what i figured i didnt ride it everday just took it out a couple times a week for short rides here and there, Im looking to replace it with a full m4 system with a power commander....yeah ive been saving up :) thank you tax return
Good to hear! I kinda wish i would have went full exhaust, but am happy with my leo Slip on for now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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