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Roadtec z6 front/back pricing.

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I'm being quoted 335.00-450.00 for front and rear roadtec z6 tires that's including bringing in the bike and mounting and balancing what is everyone paying for the same package?
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JCCC said:
I also was going to the on line route but everyone in my area charges between 50.00-65.00 to mt. and balance and some won't do it at all unless you buy the tires from them.
Where are you? Maybe some people in your area know where you can get one mounted cheaper.

For reference, I just bought a rear Z6 for my 650 in the stock size from a local dealer. With tax, mounting, and everything, I paid $146. There's a local place here in Cleveland that will mount and balance for $20/tire.
kevinb120 said:
Oh from SWMOTOTIRES it was $204 for the tires shipped(120/160 60's). It was still cheaper then what the shop charges if you order the tires from them.
That's where I would have likely bought mine if I was getting a pair together. However, I just bought the rear. After shipping was factored in, it was cheaper to pay a little more for the tire and get it from my local guy. FWIW, the price for just the tire was $119, about $10 more that SWMOTO, but if you only buy one tire, they charge $15 shipping, so it was just about a wash.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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