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DELAWARE, Ohio - A former Ohio State football great was out of jail on bond Monday after being charged in a road rage shooting in Delaware on Sunday.

James "Jim" Stillwagon, 63, is accused of shooting at the driver of a pick-up truck and grazing him in the head.

The incident appears to have been sparked by road rage between the driver and Stillwagon, who was on a motorcycle at the time.

According to Delaware police, the incident started on U.S. Route 42, near state Route 33, when the two men exchanged words over one of them being "cut off" by the other.

For the next 14 miles, police said, the men continued to argue, pass one another and tailgate.

Stillwagon fired shots at the pick-up on two occasions, according to authorities and witness reports. The bullets lodged in the truck bed.

The truck driver, Richard Mattingly of Kettering, pulled off U.S. 23 and onto William Street, into a parking lot.

Stillwagon allegedly followed him and beat Mattingly with a gun, which discharged. The bullet grazed Mattingly in the head.

Stillwagon is charged with felonious assault. He refused to comment to 10TV News when he left jail Monday afternoon after posting his $350,000 bond.

His lawyer was surprised about the charges.

"Totally out of character, there had to be some reason and that will be developed at trial," said attorney Tom Beal.
10 Investigates looked into Stillwagon's driving record.

The ex-lineman has an extensive history with at least 11 traffic violations. That includes 8 of them in four years.

For example, in Upper Arlington he was picked up doing 60 MPH when the limit was just 35 MPH. In 2002, he was caught doing 83 MPH in a 65 MPH zone on Sawmill Road.

Stillwagon also has tickets in at least two other states.

He was ticketed for speeding in Michigan in 2004. In Colorado, he got a citation for following too close in 2003.

A person who answered the door at Stillwagon’s home declined to comment on his driving record.

10 Investigates also found that a county records check showed that Stillwagon does have a concealed carry permit on file at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Stillwagon was one of the all-time best linemen to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

He was a three-year starter from 1966-1970. He was an All-American as a junior and senior.

Stillwagon won the Outland Trophy and was the first-ever winner of the Lombardi Award which is given each year to the best college football lineman or linebacker in the country.

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Eyewitness says that he got off the motorcycle after the truck pulled over in the auto parts lot, and walked over to the passenger window of the pickup.
The driver was sitting in the seat with his hands up.
Stillwagon was yelling "you're dead" over and over and firing rounds into the passenger window at the driver.

No pistol whipping with "accidental" discharge.

The assault charges will no doubt be escalated to attempted murder now that the witnesses are coming out.

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The doofus is lucky the guy in the truck just didnt decide to use the truck as a weapon after getting shot at. Idiot needs to sit in a small concrete room for a number of decades.

There was another one up near Minneapolis today also. This one in a POLICE PARKING LOT.
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