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G'day all - just thought that I would stop by and introduce myself.

I'm an Aussie - just got my first (real) twin - a 1999 SV650S. It's old as hell, was dirty as buggery, and had a few kms on it (like 100000), but I went for a ride on it and just couldn't resist. I'm actually about to sell my FZ6 (purchased brand new last year - leftover) and use all the leftover $$ to kit out my SV just how I want.

Got a few ideas - a bit of painting will occur, an SW Alu-Rack, maybe some hard panniers, some chrome here and there. Maybe a sprocket change. New tyre for the rear, new screen, new brake lines, new levers and switchgear to come. Basically going to replace everything that is as old as hell, and make it look a little nicer in the process.

I work part time at a bike shop, and took it for a ride (after trading it in) last week. Had never ridden an SV before, and even though the front end was wallowing like a pig in mud (I guess we better add suspension to that list), I just loved it. Smooth but reasonably strong throttle response, PERFECT fit for my limbs, just felt nice and comfy.

In the shed at the moment, I have an FZ6, a scooter, and I've got a Spada 250 (for my missus) and my SV at work.
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