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Hey, I've got a really awesome solo vacation scheduled for this summer. My parents are drving to the MotoGP race in Salinas and are going to trailor my bike there. I'm going to fly up on thursday evening and attend the race with my family. That's going to be a blast! But that's only the beginning of my journey. I'm taking off work the whole next week and I'll have 7 days to tour the southwest (it's gonna be one hot mutha!).

My destination is Davis, Oklahoma; 1650 miles from Salinas. That, however is taking the I-40 straight shot. I figure if I ride for six days and do an average of 400 miles a day (which will be cake), I can make my trip 2,400 miles. That will allow me to take a more round-about and entertaining route. I'm really excited about this, because I've never been farther than New Mexico to the west, so everything will be new to me.

I've haven't hashed out my route yet, but there are some things that I really want to see, and there are some places that I really don't want to go through.

My first major concern is that Death Valley is just east of the Monterrey Bay area. I have to go around it, there's just no way I'm going to attempt riding through that...what if I got a flat??? So, I'm going to have to go either north or south of it. I've only really looked into going south of it and the route that takes me on, so far.

If I take the southern route, I'll get to go through Las Vegas and I'll also get to see the Hoover Dam. I'll be able to see the Grand Canyon (which is a big ++++). I was thinking about going on the north side of the Canyon so I can turn north into Utah at some point...but I'm concerned about the lack of roads on the north side...I've never been there, so I don't know how ppl usually do it.

I subscribe to Road Runner magazine and in the latest issue there is a Moab Utah tour and the last issue had a Utah canyon country tour...both of which seemed awesome. So, I'm thinking Utah is a must. Also, going through Utah would put me in a position to take the really awesome southern route across Colorado, through Silverton, Durango, Creed, etc.

Once I get out of colorado and into Texas and Oklahoma, I'm just going to hit the highway and superslab it. So, I figure that gives me 5 days to get to say, the Oklahoma or Texas panhandles. I'm starting planning early cause I want this to be an awesome trip.

Also, I'd hit myself if I didn't at least take 1 day to hit highway 1. Whether I go north or south from Salinas I've not decided yet.

Oh yeah, I'm getting a 1 man tent and an awesome sleeping bag/air mattress, these will both fit into one side of my Cortech sport me my tailbag and my other saddlebag for carrying whatever stuff I want to take (which won't be much, since I'll be wearing my riding gear everyday!). I'm also going to pick up one of those hydration tankbags (the camelback tankbag thingy).

Just wondering if anyone has done a trip like this and has some route tips or things to definitely see.

Also, are any of you fellas going to be heading back east on their scooter after the race and want to accompany me for part of the journey?
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