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rider since Aug 2008

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I have been riding my 2005 SV650s since August last year. Like most riders, I really enjoy riding, improving my skills in riding, and visiting cool places on the bike.

aspects of riding I really like:
1. Destinations and amateur photography. I write destination reviews on every once in a while.
2. Racing. I am a MOTOGP nerd and I like to learn all I can about advanced riding techniques.

Things I don't really care about right now (but might change in the future):
1. modding my bike.
2. stuntin

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Welcome! Neat photo there. I know you say you arent interested in modifying, just keep in mind some things could benefit your riding and arent just for 'looks' or 'bling'. Many mods can be performed at regular service intervals as well, such as up rated brake pads or new SS brake lines - fork oil and springs - tires, et cetera.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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