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Hello to everyone, i have been visting your forum for a few months, after i bought my curvy 99 sv650s.
I have been trying to put that engine a litle juicy since i dont feel that power on low rev, might put a sprocket with one less thoot and ill be up for some wheelies anyone did that???

I have done a few mod's on my bike you can see it on the link bellow.
I will translate as times goes by since thats a thread i placed on a Portuguese forum, hope you like it.
By the way, does the sv650n (99) clokes fit the sv650s(99) straight swap? I mean are the wires nd connector the same?

Im looking for a gsr srad rear shock to make a swap now...
And as i said above, im gonna try to put a front sprocket to allow more power on low rev's what do you think??
Do sv rider as a section to put our bike project? Sorry but i couldnt find it...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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