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Rider Direct Jipping Me??

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Hmmm this is very interesting, I have called rider direct and emailed them about not receiving my Conti Road Attacks yet, I have ordered them last Friday and they should've been processed and shipped out this week to my doorstep before the weekend (judging from my friends who ordered from them, they got it in 3 days after ordering or so).

I looked up my Order Number and it's still in the "processing" mode, it's been a full week that its' still in the processing mode and they aren't picking up my phone calls or answering my emails... anyone have this happen to them? I figured Conti Road Attacks are very popular tires so they should have a bounty of them... just find it weird that everyone else orders from them without and delays or hassles...

Anyone else experience the same super long processing problem? I just checked 1 minute ago and it's still in processing
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I oredered the same tire not too long ago had had no issues at all. Never had a problem getting through to them on the phone either. Good luck.
Usually when this happens, they are on back order and think they might be coming in soon. So they will wait as long as they can before telling you.
I ordered tires from them 3 times - NEVER a problem.
yeah i figured this is a very dependable store to buy from... just don't see why they didn't call to tell me this, kinda needed them urgently
Well most places avoid telling you bad news. I would rather know they just wait in limbo but anytime I ordered something on backorder it took my contacting them to find out what was taking so long.

I am not sure why you are having trouble calling them though. I can guarantee they have no idea who you are, so it's not like they are screening their calls :).
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