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Richmond, VA need to borrow or rent chain rivet tool.

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Hey everyone. I just picked up my new sprocket and chain kit for my SV650 and the dang thing is a rivet type. Does anyone have a rivet tool I can borrow or rent for a day? I have a bunch of tools but this is not one of them. I can offer beer and food and a dry spot to work on a bike too. [email protected]. I'm in Dinwiddie County. Thanks!

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Try to hit up jeopardy98... he's very close to you, and he's got lots of tools. Not sure if he's got one of those, but I would guess he does.
Thanks brutha!
I shot him a PM... dunno if he's around this weekend or not. We'll see.
Yep, I have one but it is in richmond right now. I'm sure I can get my hands on it for you if you don't figure something out. I can have my wife pick it up one day this week if you don't HAVE to have it before then. I could help you one day this week after work or next weekend. Let me know.
SOUNDS GREAT! I really appreciate it. I'll PM you my cell # :)

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