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I had an 01 SV650s for several years before it was stolen, then I was on an 01 R1 till a left turner ended that. Now I am on a 07 CBR1000RR...

But my fiance just got herself an 06 svs!!!!

So, I am back to the site :), lookin around seeing a few things have changed, and there are quite a few more people. It will be my job to keep up on the maintenance of the bike, and do any modifications she requests, as I have already owned an SV, I must know everything :p

I am primarily a lurker, popping in to ask a question or maybe say something goofy. So, keep your eyes out, and you will see me around :)

Now, lets see if that list of websites that sell aftermarket SV parts is still around for a few things I need...
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