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I'll keep it short and sweet, and before you read further let me be clear that these are the best sliders on the market.

I bought the sliders when I started riding exclusively on the track, knowing that I would be pushing the limits. This season I started racing. Over about 20 trackdays and 1 race weekend, I've lowsided 4 times at speeds varying from 35 to 70, roughly. Each time, the sliders provided in the motosliders kit save my bike from a ton of damage. I've broken shift levers and brake levers and hand controls, but the cases have been protected, the frame has been protected, and my fairings have been saved. (more stuff was "saved" I'm sure, but those are the most susceptible parts to a lowside crash) After 4 lowsides, it was time to replace both sides of the sliders, so I just bought a whole kit.

**Upon removal, I discovered the center rod had bent about two inches from "Straight"**

That's not a slam on the product, so don't get defensive :) After 4 crashes, it was slightly bent, when another slider using a different design would have barely lived past one lowside. Let this be a lesson, however, that after a crash, you should check the functionality of your sliders, just like you check everything else! Mucho props to motosliders for building a tough, quality product and earning a repeat customer!
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