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Due to the misfortunes in this post I now have to replce the throttle side clipon. I have no idea how and my book isn't very clear. From the looks of it I only have to remove the nuts/caps (indicated in red) and loosen the hex nuts (indicated in blue) and I should be able to lift the steering stem off. I noticed the the clipon does have a bolt connecting it to the steering stem, but other than that am I in for any suprises? Nothing is going to pop out/up on me is there. Do I have to support or remove the weight from the front of the bike?


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remove the stem nut
loosen the pinch bolts on both sides of the upper triple clamp
loosen the pinch bolts on each clip-on
remove the bolt that goes vertically through each clip-on and into the triple clamp

You'll need a rubber mallet or a block of wood to drift the triple clamp off the stem/fork tubes.
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