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I've got a Yoshimura RS3C can on my SV650, running with the db killer installed ( I like 'sound' not 'noise'). After 30,000 kms the volume level was creeping up, and as well I had a small 'ding' on the underside of the muffler that I wanted to work out. The video on the Yoshimura site made repacking look easy (isn't everything that you haven't done yet?), so I thought why not? I'd never done this before, and at least I'd learn a thing or two...

Getting the can off and subbing the original back on was easy enough, altho I had to make a trip to a muffler shop to buy 6" of 2 1/8" pipe (which I then had to 'slot' with a hack-saw several times at both ends) and a couple clamps to make a junction tube.

Disassembling the can was also fairly straight-forward, altho while removing the end cap was easy (step 3), I didn't figure out what to do about the inlet end until after I had done a bit of damage to the shape of the inlet tube with a rubber mallet - what eventually came to me was that I could just tap it out from the opposite end! Duhhh... (should have ignored step 4 and gone to step 5)

I had gone into my dealer to have them order the correct Yosh repack kit (Packing#2), but their suggestion was that FMF made most of the packing in the universe, so why didn't I just buy one of their kits. Sounded reasonable.. done deal...

Turned out, of course, that the FMF packing was thinner than the Yosh, and shorter by about 2", however I went ahead and installed it. Also, the Yosh video clearly showed removing the steel wool layer (2nd part of step 6), but later email communication with the Yosh techs confirmed that normally you should leave the steel wool in place for several repacks.

Knocking out the 'ding' worked OK. Getting the muffler reassembled was troublesome, as it's really difficult to get the end caps to fit inside the shell. Re-rivetting was a OK and reinstalling ditto.

My immediate impression, however, was not positive. The repacked muffler was louder than the original, and that wasn't my goal. And as I rode for the following couple months, the level increased. Finally, I had had enough and decided to re-do the job. I pulled the can again, ripped it apart, and...

Here's what I found (the used Yosh packing was still in the half- empty trash can in the basement):

FMF packing (on right), partially melted, totally blackened, crispy and thin and brittle, vs original Yosh packing (rt) - pretty 'used', but still with some 'bulk' and flex and 'loft'.

End view of Yosh packing - 'used', but still functional after 30,000 kms:

End view of FMF packing - flat, partially melted, brittle, after just 8600kms

I took the 2 packings to the dealer for 'a lesson' and they promptly ordered a Yosh kit for me. Aside form the usual battle to get the packing back into the muffler shell, and a complete failure of the new pop rivet tool that I'd just bought at Lordco (since returned!), I'm well along on my re-assembly (it'll get finished once I borrow my work-mate's rivet tool, which works brilliantly).

Btw, the steel wool in my muffler was not like that shown in the video - it was more of a mesh-covered 'sleeve' than a wrap, so once I discovered I probably should have just left it in place (which was my suspicion in the first place - shoulda listened to the voices in my head), it wasn't hard to re-install the old one. Taping the end of the core helped it slip back thru the sleeve.

Overall, I learned a few things, which is always desirable. And perhaps this posting can help a few others learn from my mistakes, which were numerous but not overly serious!
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