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Removing lights for track days

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I'm about to do my first track day and have my race prep completed (everything that needs to secured / drilled), but I have not yet attempted to remove any turn signals and was wondering if this was a good time to replace them with something easy to remove / nicer looking.

Any thoughts on this are appreciated.
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personally, i'd save the cash and keep your stockers in place. better on the street and you don't need the fairing on the track, so pull them off with the whole upper. a cheap tail should be easy to find, cheap insurance that won't cost not much more than some fancy turn signals that will only help joey crapdriver not see you turning.
Forgot to mention mine is an "N".
The stock N signals are easy enough to bolt and one connector inside the headlight. I would keep the stockers.
Keep the stock lights.

I have an "S", and can go from street to track trim, and that includes removing signals, mirrors, reflectors, fuses for lights, and taping/zip tying stuff in about an hour.
Most track days dont require lights to be removed ... only taped up.

Check with your organization.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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