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Hey Ya'll,
I just finished putting my wife's bike back together after following the carb rejet instructions. Piece of cake! It runs great. Better than before for sure.
She bought it used with a full Scorpion Titanium exhaust and it always popped and occasionally backfired. Now with 17.5s, 145s, 2 and 3/4 turns, two shims on the needles and the clutch mantra directions, it really performs. It had been running lean and was completely stock except for the exhaust.
I appreciate all of the effort folks have put into making this forum what it is.
Next, I'll check the carb balance with a homemade manometer. It sure is nice to have better performance in all ranges. I would encourage anyone with the slightest inclination to jump in and clean up those carbs. Just read the various posts, stickies, etc... (printing them or taking notes is a good idea) and a world of difference awaits. She's lucky that I've got my own bike or we'd be wrestling over hers.

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