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rearsets that fit 2nd gens

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I just have a quick question. Since I've been unable to find a full left rearset assembly.
Do any of the gsxr rearsets bolt on to the 2nd gen sv's. I found someone saying the 04 05 gsxr do, but I'd just like a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion before I go do something stupid.

thanks for any help in advance.
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with the result of no response, im gona say that either nobody knows, or im an idiot, and that the answer is no, nothing else fits.
wish i knew, ebay hasn't been too usefull as of late to find used rearsets. but of course there are the woodcraft for $300

also quick question for anyone, are the rearsets interchangeable between the sv650 and sv1000?
with the result of no response, im gona say that either nobody knows, or im an idiot, and that the answer is no, nothing else fits.
get a set of calipers and find a gsx-r and measure the bolt hole spacing.
zach, that would be the ideal thing to do, but truth be, the cost of me buying some calipers im not going to use again just to make a measurement, just doesn't seem right to me, and im not trying to be an ass, because if i was a regular gearhead, a set of calipers actually does sound like a good thing to have.

i just thought that maybe it was general knowledge on the forum i didn't know about.
but just a thought, even if they do bolt on, that doesn't necasarily mean that the peg geometry and linkage lengths are the same does it.
just use a tape measure. mark from the center of the bolts. all be it not as precise as a caliper which can be found for about $15 (cheapies) it can get the job done.
from another thread I posted in

05' GSXR 1000

need a longer rear brake line.
need the gsxr shift rod
adjust shift knuckle a bit with the shift rod to get it to your liking.
oh yeah and I got them for $50 on evilbay....for the set.
I have a complete left rearset with shifter and linkage and a right rear set with a broken brake lever from a 2007 naked. I'll sell them individually. PM me if you're interested.
everyone I have found have had the heal guard missing on the right side. Otherwise I would have joined you on this one, lol. Im still debating taking the stock ones and cutting them all up then PC black, we will see though
what is the position difference between the gsxr rearsets and vs rearsets?
thanks "lslcycling"
that was exactly what i needed to hear. i wasn't able to find that in the search though.
anyways, what would you say the position difference is. anything to care about?
I want to say they are about a half in back and up but I've never done a true measurement and I keep saying I will but haven't gotten to it yet. So as I've stated so many times, I'll try and get it measured so people can measure their own to the GSXR,s.
Well, I been looking for months for the right ones to catch my eye. As soon as I responded to this thread I found what I been waiting for on EBAY. I was originaly going to post the link here but could not pass it up. I got access to a machine if it doesnt fit so I can make a bracket. wish me luck

link here
oh! those are wicked, Dream. i hope they fit the bike.

that brings up something - fully adjustable rearsets. have you guys seen those rearset relocator plates for the sv that offers 7 different positions for the pegs? any experience with them? does it pinch the rear brake line in any way? i assume it would need a longer shift rod.

check this out:
that's blair's site, he's an SVR supporter.

from the ad:

Stainless steel bolts and shift rod extender included.
yeah i currently run blairs product. It isnt bad but I wanted something diferent
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