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Rear tire/Busa link issue

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So I just purchased a much needed set of Bridgestone BT021 front 120/70 ZR17 rear 160/60 ZR17! I had a 120/70 last season and adjusted the forks appropiately. Also had a larger Metzler 170/60 in the rear. To further complicate my sitchy, the previous owner placed a Hyabusa lowering link on the rear suspension but it does have 3 notches in it, hopefully its adjustable back to the standard setting. I've heard the Brdigestone BT021 run a bit wide so ther's a chance I wont feel much of a difference. But my question is what's the safest geometry for me to have with these new tires I just purchased? And hoping keeping the front forks the same b/c it should be easier to adjust the link than to adjust the forks. Thanks.
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Changing front to rear ride height makes a relatively big change in the handling. However, there is no one setting that pleases everyone.

Try what you've got. Turn-in too slow? Raise the rear relative to the front or lower the front relative to the rear. Turn-in a bit scary? Bike a bit twitchy? Lower the rear relative to the front or raise the front relative to the rear.

How much you change and in what direction is up to you and your personal preferences. A slow turn-in can be a PITA on a racetrack, but on the interstate the added straight line stability is a plus. Conversely, a quick turn-in is great if you're riding twisties, but there will be some loss in directional stability. Make small changes if you want to experiment. You're limited at the back by the holes in the links. On the front, 3mm change in fork height is a good step at a time. "Stock" forks are 3mm to 6mm above the upper triple clamps, not including the caps.

The other way to change ride height is by changing preload. This is less a good option unless you already need to adjust preload. Typical recommended values for sag are 10% of total travel bike only, 30% of total travel for total sag. Most stock bikes come with a bit more initial sag than that. Don't obsess.
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Thanx, just didnt want to have a huge diff in riding and since I had a 170/60 in the rear plus it was lowered, I'm sure raising the link and putting a 160/60 should be close to negliable, especially considering I'm leaving the front 120/70. You're right though, I'll just feel it out. Turn in did feel a bit sluggish as if I had to really try to turn her, yet highway straights were a blast:) Thanks again, my obsession on this topic is a bit of the cabin fever talking up here in Chicago, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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