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Rear Shock question?

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What is the best rear shock set up for an SVS 2006, and a 165 pounder.




None of the above..
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At 165, you don't need a huge spring rate, so there are more options. ZX14 is pretty stiff, as I recall, and might be a bit much for your weight and weight of SV. Check the rates on ZX10 and ZX6/636. Don't know them off hand. From what I've seen, the ZX series shocks require no cutting of anything, but they also usually sell for more than the GSXR shocks, so depends how cheaply you're looking to get it done.

I weigh about the same as you, and I went with a GSXR 600 shock. Its spring isn't as stiff as a 1000 spring, but published spring rates put it in the right range for our body weight and bike. The 1000 shock also requires you to cut your battery box and find a shorter battery. Benefit of the 600 shock is that you only have to cut into your toolbox, but the kit will fit in the trunk, anyway. For a budget, it's also a good fit. I picked up an 08 shock for $18 plus $10 shipping on ebay. Also required a raising link, since the shock install dropped the rear end 1/2", but that was only another $18 shipped from ebay. All in all, I'm happy with the change.
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Very good, thank you for the information.

I was also thinking abot the GSXR I have cut allready the toolbox so I think I am going ith that one.

Any other suggestions??
Just a few. You can re-use the stock bolt up top, but the SV bolt is self-tapping on bottom, and the GSXR is not. You will have to re-use the GSXR bottom bolt and nut. You're going to need a washer on one side to give proper clearance on the dogbones. If you bolt it straight up without using a washer to "center" the bolt somewhat, you'll have clearance issues. Not a big deal. Just be prepared for it. Other than that, a pretty simple install. There are some good step-by-step threads if you look for them.
About what weight is the 05' GSXR 1000 good for? im about 165 full riding gear but i plan on being 180-190 by next riding season
You ask us what's the best shock, and yet you don't give us a price range.

The best rear shock would be a custom built aftermarket one, such is Ohlins, Penske, Elka.
Price range is not more than $100.00---- GSXR, ZX14. I know those are under $80

I kind of assumed that from your original post.
i got a 05 gsxr 600 shock for 19 dollars plus 10 for shipping, the thing had 1500 miles on it, brand spankin new off a squiddie who probably wrecked his gsxr =P

i weight about the same as you too

all i had to mod was the batt box, plain and simple.
Do you feel it more stiff?
I am 175 will full gear and I went with the 05 GSXR 1000, chopped the battery box. World of difference. I would suggest getting fork springs at the same time if you havent done it already.
How much are we talking about? there is something really important BUDGET


Front springs and oil was $110 shipped from Rich at Sonic springs. Shock was $40 from ebay, resold the linkage for $15. But I had to buy a different battery for $55.

Total $190

I would suggest getting fork springs first
Did Suzuki made any of the GSXR calipers for the 2001-2003 in gold?
I wouldn't suggest swapping to the ZX14, I'm 220 + gear and I find mine a slightly stiff, but either way it makes an awesome improvement.
to stiff for me I am 165 w/o gear
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