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so i have purchased a rear seat cowl kit and it came with a bracket and filler pieces. when i install the bracket onto my 03' the filler pieces dont line up. So the bracket that i have does not fit an 03'. I am assuming the bracket i have fits 04'+

Does anyone have a bracket that doesnt quite fit on their 04+ bike? If so there is a good chance its because the bracket is for my 03'...

hope this isnt confusing but to sum it all up, i have a bracket that doesnt fit a 2003 and i need one that does. Ive seen these things installed and the filler pieces end up perfectly in the correct spot.

any leads or info on the subject would be greatly appreciated. ideally i could trade someone whose bracket also doesnt fit their bike filler pieces and we can both ride away happy.

also if someone has successfully put a seat cowl and filler pieces on a 03' i'd love to know that it is in fact possible

thanks all
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