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Here's the scoop. My front coil is firing but the rear is not. I testing the resistance "ohms" across all connections on the coil and they testing exactly as they were supposed to. Also, with the key off, the ground and the positive leads are all testing at 12.7V, as they should. With the key on, the main frame ground on the wire side of the coil is losing its voltage.

I figured, the coil is simply failing under load. So I went ahead and called the dealership and he advised me that this could be some sort of relay issue, as it is common I hear?

Is there any further tests I could compose to challenge this hypothesis?
Note:The grounds are rusty as all ****, i've tried cleaning them but that made no difference. This is why I assume it is failing under load.

Any ideas, testing or diagnosis advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it only has 15k Miles, so the bike is in fairly new condition.
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