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rear brake not working...could use some advice...

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Hi guys. I am new to the forum, but not to riding. I have just picked up a 2003 sv1000s with 6500 miles on it. Its never been down and its as clean as it gets. On the ride home, i noticed the rear brake was really weak and then it gave out completely. (40 miles to home). I have since inspected it, and there is break fluid, intact break pads, and its not leaking anywhere. The brake light comes on when pedal is depressed, but the pads dont engage at all. It just sinks all the way to the bottom. I have a feeling it wasnt ridden that much with only 6.5k miles on it. I have searched for the answer through this forum but couldnt seem to find it. I am wondering what to try next?
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The rotor and pads are immaculate looking. The thing that is getting me is the fact that this bike has been ridden so little. Would it really need its brakes bled if it hasnt run out of brake fluid already?
I'll try and bleed the brakes tonight and see if that helps.
is there an article on how to bleed our bikes? I dont have any special tools but i figure the brake line and a jar is all i really need right?
Hey SV,

Go to Autozone. Get like a foot and a half of 3/16 tubing, preferably clear. Get a glass jar or something. 8mm socket to loosen the bleed nipple. you will be able to see it in the rear very easily. It has a rubber piece covering the nipple in the back. loosen it and you will see BRAKE fluid start to ooze out. immediately put the tubing over the nipple with the other end in the jar. loosen the nipple a bit more and then push the brake pedal 3 times, on the 4th time hold it down for 3 seconds and with it still depressed in, tighten the nipple all the way before releasing. make sure to keep adding new brake fluid to the reservoir located on the right side of the bike around the seat area.

Keep doing this until you feel the pedal having some resistance. it took me about 15 minutes before I felt it. I think i paid like less than 10$ for this fix. SV, its totally easy and cheap. The only ***** is the proper disposal of brake fluid. PM me if you still have questions.
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