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Rear Brake Caliper

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Hey guys,

I just had my bike in for an oil change and the service guy pointed out that my rear brake caliper is bent causing one pad to grip more. He also said that it has rotated a bit.

They said it's going to be about 200 if they can fix it, 500 to replace it (300 just for the part). I looked on eBay and found some used parts, but have two questions:

- How easy is it to replace a rear brake caliper?

- Would you trust an ebay caliper?

I'm thinking I should just pay them the $500 and get it fixed right the first time! Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Sorry to here of the brake issues... They did come from the bike being sideways?

I can see the bracket being bent, especially if the mechanic said it was rotated, but the only damage i can see to the caliper is the pin holes (caliper to bracket bolts) being oblonged from the exhaust pushing in (anybody correct me if they see how please :) ). The gold/brass piece is actually the brake pad backing and it being bent will prevent it from sliding properly (which would cause premature wear). I again can't see how it got bent, but it is never-the-less.

Keep posted on what your figuring out.
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