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Reality Check

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OH SH** moment

So today me and my girlfriend suited up and were going out to ashland to ride. Trambo, that road I was telling you about that was twisty but had alot of sand on it. That road... So we went out there and were riding down it going through the twisties and this one corner had a bunch of sand in it. I tried not to lean it but tried to pull it through the corner best I could untill I ended up off the road about 1ft parrallel to a guardrail. The road was a 3-4 incline back onto the pavement. There was one little spot where the asphalt was about the same level and the shoulder and I jumped back on the road fishtailing. I could have sworn I was going down, I dont know how I saved it. Scared the living SH** out of me and I dont think my girlfriend trusts me as much anymore... Ugh... Not fun at all...
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Nothing like finding a random beach in the road when you least expect it, huh? ;)

Seriously, though... Glad you rode it out OK, Shawn. Especially two-up, that's a feat in & of itself! You brother will be proud of you... don't tell your mom, though. LOL

Last summer, Packman & I were riding near Lake Anna & ran up a back road that was inexplicably covered in sand! Never could figure that one out... sand in the summer? Weird.
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