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Re. DrifterYank's 2/11 thread WTB GenII upper triple... from naked

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I originally posted the above-referenced thread in the SVRider Motorcycling Forum. I don't have enough posts to post on the Wanted Forum. Apparently, the administrator moved my thread to the Wanted Forum. So, this references my original thread that is now in the Wanted Forum. I also am unable to post this reply on the Wanted Forum, so I am creating this new thread.

I am glad I said I only wanted the upper triple, because this sparked responses that I needed the lower one too due to offset differences. I had previously seen comments about this elsewhere on the forums. But, there also are comments that just swapping the upper is not a problem. Now I'm not so sure.

I think your responses just pushed me back to going with Convertibars. I don't like to cobble things. And, I don't like doing things over. I want to know everything is going to fit before I start wrenching. I greatly appreciate your responses trying to keep me out of trouble. Thanks CConzelmann, tcl, and zimmtown.
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I just placed my order with Convertibars. End of thread.
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