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I been goin over some ideas on what mods that i have left that i can actually do/afford on my bike. An prolly the one for the least amount of money that would offer the biggest gain would prolly be a makeshift ram air kit.

I mean if i'd go down to advanced buy some hoses tubes an get the old rotozip out i'd be done.

My questions are (i know people have done this)
who here has done this?
what kinda gain did it offer?
Is it dangerous/hazardous to the engine?
How should i go about retuning power commander?

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It's unlikely that you'd supply sufficient extra air to create a lean condition unless you had a pretty finely tuned map with quite a lean bias.

Best way to go about tuning it (in other words harnessing any potential gains) would be:
- Use a wide band sensor and logger like a WBC or similar to measure your WOT AFR on a high speed run; i.e. a base run
- Hook up you ram air system
- Do another WOT AFR run
- Check out the different in AFR at speed
- Modify your PCIII map to compensate, repeat till you've got the WOT AFR similar to your base run
- Use the multi function hub on the PCIII to add the extra fuel amount that you've worked out you need via the speed sensitive enrichment at the speed where your WOT AFR started to lean out

I've the gear to do this, just haven't gotten around to it. There's bugger all good ways to get the extra air in is the problem. Basically the best way on a second gen SV looks to be in the traditional ZX7R/RC45 way, which means running tubes down through the tank, and up over the bars.
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