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Hi all,

I have been on this board for a very long time. Mostly with SV1000's in the past. I got a SV650 racebike last year.

I have been building a race motor for longer than I care to admit. The motor is finally done tho. Rods, pistons, head work, cam swap, bla bla.

Anyway, I got adapter plates to fit DL1000 throttle bodies. I then ordered the wrong TBs, for a 2014 and up. So they dont fit. I believe that I need the 2005 model TBs. But reading online it seems like some wiring needs to be changed? Can anyone confirm this? I am trying to get this on the dyno soon but I am blowing money left and right. I want to know if I need to do anything besides buy the TBs.

Thank you
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