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R/R ?

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Well i have been having battery problems,today i tested batt. on bike 12.5v stoped.
At 5000rpm 11.5v.
I replaced this r/r 4 years ago.
This is my only ride,and there is NO way i can afford $161.00. for a new one.
Anybody have a good one for sale?
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pm nudist, he has a tonne of stuff... he may have one.
Replace with a GSX-R R/R? I did it a year or so ago with great results.
like jbswear said- replace with a gsxr unit. brad and I both have replaced ours with good results. we've both got write ups on here describing it.
like dackler said and jswear said.
I have not had to myself, but when it does go, it is what I will be doing.
you know, cause thats what everyone does.
Where is the gsxr R/R write up?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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