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Quick tire question....please comment

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Little background first. This is my first street bike and has been great. I have 27k on the bike now and ~10k on my front tire and 8.5k on the rear (Pilot Powers). I have a new set of Pilot Roads (long story) ready to go on the bike now, but I also have a Pilot sport front (track take-off with 1/2 tread left) for a temp. front that I was going to use.

I use the bike primarily for commuting with about 9000 miles in the past 8 months. The rear is down to the wear indicators for the middle 2 inches, with the remaining sides having about half the life left. Again, I use the bike primarily for commuting but I am taking a few short (1-200 mile) trips this week. I am just really becoming comfortable with the bile to use the bike the ways it should be.

Should I swap both tires for the new Pilot Roads, or just the front spare for the next 1000 or so miles?

Here is the rear now:

Just as a note and I know I should have changed this earlier, but here is the front.

Thanks for the input.
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just me but I would just go ahead and put the roads on. easier to just get it all done at once and not have to mess with it again. also looks like you have a split in your rear tire dont know how bad it really is but ive had them seperate because of that.
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