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It is awesome weather here in the northwest!! I am umm...not feeling well, and took the day off..I just happen to know the cure for my illness...a nice long ride on my bike I just got in February!!! My question is, on my way home from my first semi-big ride ever, I am going to stop by a few places and pick up some stuff for my bike. If I miss anything on this shopping list please feel free to chime in~

DuPont Teflon lube (the blue can)
Loctite (blue kind) for my motosliders
Honda polish (or whatever it is called now)
some other cleaner of some sort
Some spare oil
Spare coolant
A few tools for motoslider and hugger installation
something to fog proof my helmet

Please feel free to chime in on anything I have missed or stuff you all reccomend.


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